“The documentary short ‘Cecil and Carl’ is everything you would want from the genre: a piercing snapshot of the human condition, affectionate and wryly humorous. It is a reminder of what the best of us are capable of: unconditional love.”  – FilmDebate review

Producer/Director: Elvis Leon
Director: Gaston Yvorra
Producer: Sasha Milonova
Director of Photography: Laffrey Witbrod
Editor: Wesley Matheny
Music: Neil Lyons
Additional Post-Production: Kevin Bowles

Poster: Simon LeGrand
Additional photography: Carl Glenn Payne

We find Cecil, who is 84 years old, alone in a giant house, which has fallen into disrepair since Carl was admitted to a nursing home. He reads us a letter that he never got to recite to a judge, requesting guardianship of Carl and outlining hopes to bring him home, despite Carl’s advanced stage of dementia.

Length: 14 min 30 sec

Independently produced in Denver, Colorado.