Interview with The Smalls

It was a huge surprise and honor to win Best Documentary at The Smalls Film Festival this year. The Smalls is an incredibly supportive community for independent film makers in London and we are grateful to be a part of it. Here is an interview we did with them this week – a deep dive into the “making of” the film Cecil & Carl. Check it out!

“It cannot be denied that the backgrounds of the Cecil and Carl creators are unusual, but perhaps that’s what makes them such excellent filmmakers. Elvis León is a US army veteran turned filmmaker who is currently studying for his MA at King’s College London in the Department of War Studies. In 2010, he founded BeYou Films, making short films, music videos and promotional videos, and in 2014 he wrote and directed Angels of Anbar, a short film about his deployment in Iraq. Gaston Yvorra (Director) is currently a Producer at Collodion Studios in Argentina, leading a Graphic Design Team, whilst Sasha Milonova (Producer), has previously worked as a Legislative Aide at the Colorado State Senate and as a Project Manager at a student travel company before doing her Masters Degree at LSE in the Political Economy of Late Development.

Together, they created the 15-minute documentary Cecil and Carl, exploring the relationship between an elderly gay couple. Set in the US, the film follows 84 year-old Cecil and his partner Carl, who has recently been moved to a nursing home, leaving Cecil living alone. Cecil and Carl shines a light on the struggles faced by ageing couples, particularly the heartbreaking effects of dementia on a relationship.

We interviewed Elvis and Sasha about their experience filming the documentary and working with the eponymous Cecil and Carl.”

Read the full interview here.

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