Post-election medicine

As many of you know, I cannot contain my heartbreak about the outcome of the American election. People are calling for unity and resilience, but I’m still crying bitter tears.

The only thing that seems to help is to sit with like-minded people, being reminded that although the government is preparing to back out of its commitment to protect the rights of LGBT people (and many others), we will not.

So we’ve decided that now is an especially important time for everyone to meet Cecil and Carl. Although the film is still making its festival rounds and therefore cannot be posted permanently online, we are going to open it to the public for the weekend. You’re welcome (and encouraged) to watch it and share it with friends as we all continue to process this catastrophic week.

It is 15 minutes long and you need good audio/volume for the full experience, but there are also subtitles. If you like it, please consider pitching in a few dollars to our GoFundMe campaign and we will send you your own copy as a digital download.

Love is love is love,


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