Iris Prize Reflections

What a week! Over the five-day festival in Cardiff, Elvis and I managed to catch about 30 short films and 3 features. The whole time I was thinking: I am so LUCKY to be able to experience such original and gorgeous work!

The good news is: so can you. What we’ve learned from following “Cecil & Carl” to various screenings over the past few months is that there are tons of unique film festivals and pop-up film nights going on all the time. It may take a bit more research than just going to see whatever is in theatres at the moment, but it’s WORTH IT it if you want to see something new, edgy and inspiring.

We were honored to be included in the list “Small But Perfectly Formed: Iris Prize, Our Highlights” by David Llewellyn of Gay Essential.  This list provides reviews of some truly spectacular LGBT movies – maybe this will get you started on your new life of watching indie film! 🙂

Here’s what he had to say about “Cecil & Carl”:


“Cecil & Carl” did not win the Iris Prize, but we are better people and film-makers for having been part of it. Thank you all for your support before, during, and after Iris!

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