OUT FRONT Colorado

OUT FRONT is one of the oldest independently owned and operated LGBT publications in the US.  of Out Front Colorado has written an absolutely incredible article about our documentary film and about our Director/Producer, Elvis Leon.

“In the first moments in the short film, we see Cecil reading a letter that he wrote to a judge explaining why he should grant him co-guardianship and co-conservator of his lover, Carl. Sighting the date the two leased an apartment together as a relationship indication, Cecil pleads for the judge to recognize the relationship between two men that had — up until that moment — lasted 43 years, eight months, one week, and four days.

This follows a short story of a small cherry tree the couple planted together. The first year the tree gifted them enough fruit to make a small tart. For the next 5 years, the couple sat patiently as it refused to bloom a single cherry.

“But lord, did they produce,” he recalls while staring out the window, a stream of smoke sliding up the screen from his cigarette. “… did they produce.”

It’s a strong image, this short, somewhat useless story of an cherry tree. But it is a true testament to the patience, challenges, turmoil, and eventual reward so many queer people are forced to face — especially our predecessors.”

Read more here.

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