FilmDebate reviews ‘Cecil and Carl’

Thank you to Larry Oliver of FilmDebate for a beautiful and detailed review of our film! Here are just a few of our favorite excerpts:

The documentary short ‘Cecil and Carl’ is everything you would want from the genre – a piercing snapshot of the human condition, affectionate and wryly humorous. It is a reminder of what the best of us are capable of: unconditional love.

At the end of the film, images are replaced by captions. The effect is startling and powerful, conveying the difficulty of turning dreams into reality. From the closing credits – not a second of the film is wasted – we learn that Cecil had a recent activist past (we see a newspaper clipping of him under arrest). In the final post credits scene there is another surprise.

Exquisitely photographed [by] Laffrey Witbrod with an unobtrusive reflective score by Neil Lyons, ‘Cecil and Carl’ affirms a belief in the rightness and normality of same sex relationships. It feels universal. It also begs the question: did the directors have enough material for a feature? ‘Cecil and Carl’ could be the best documentary about old age since the Maysles Brothers’ ‘Grey Gardens.

Read the full review here.


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